Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Life Lessons (Don’t Learn Them Late!) is the book graduates should receive with their diploma.

Imagine if you could start adult life with a book on life lessons. What if you were equipped with an instruction manual you could use to “trouble shoot” your way out of trouble?

Life Lessons offers clear, practical advice on the topics and challenges a young person will face in the real world. Simple knowledge and wisdom, reduced to life lesson bullet points at chapter’s end.

Presented in a “less is the new more” format, Life Lessons covers topics such as building a foundation as a life-long learner, preparing for rapid change and identifying paradigms that shift and paradoxes that appear. Readers will discover:

  • The best investment (from someone who really knows)

  • Skills you need to “learn to” – like adaptability

  • How to evaluate if you have “more to lose”

  • Four words for your journey (starting with “faith”)