Things I Wish I Knew: A Compendium of Lessons Learned Late

Things I Wish I Knew

A simple, clear book about careers, relationships and the challenges of raising children, written with warmth, humor and words to inspire.

Imagine a self-help book written with compassion and Mark Twain-like humor. A book that doesn’t lecture but shares stories about life and lessons learned late. Imagine being inspired by simple words.

A sampling of the “five star” reviews:

  • “Written as one would imagine a modern Benjamin Franklin might write a self-help book (think “The Father’s Almanac”), the author shares common sense ideas, thoughts and suggestions on how to live a better life, proving once again that common sense is not all that common.”

  • “I read this book, put it down, and then read it again. The personal stories ring true and the lessons learned are universal. Highly recommended.”

  • “Very organized, easy read! I loved this book!”

  • Things I Wish I Knew is an inspirational collection of thoughts, analysis and advice. It is a heartwarming book!”


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